Immersive Learning

Imaginer Math Story reduces the tedium associated with math practice for 9-12 year old students.

Logic games, math questions and puzzles designed to illustrate mathematical concepts are embedded throughout action-packed storylines with fully illustrated characters and scenes. 

The process of practicing and applying examination level mathematical concepts has never been so much fun!

We believe in a world where every child can learn at their own pace and own the entire process of discovery and engagement. We do that, by creating educational content and providing necessary resources on accessible platforms.

SuperCharger Ventures is the first EdTech accelerator dedicated to early-stage and growth-stage startup companies. Imaginer Learning is proud to have been selected for SuperCharger’s incubator program

About Us

Imaginer Math

Proprietary Content

Every Imaginer Math Story takes a child through a fully developed storyline with engaging characters. Examination level Math Questions are presented as puzzles and challenges within the story.

Parental Controls

Hassle-free and user friendly interfaces ensure parents and teachers will always able to maintain control over Math Story accounts assigned to each child.

Track Progress

Each child’s progress and number of questions completed can be reviewed and tracked in-app

Unlimited Access

With our apps and platforms running 24/7, your child can enjoy Imaginer Math any where and at anytime.


Safe and Secure

We know how much you value your child’s safety. Any data we collect on our platform is securely stored on our servers with industry standard encryption. Data is not shared with any third party providers without consent. Please read our Privacy Policy to learn more.


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Contact Us

We want to hear from you. Our work can always be improved and we are open to suggestions to better our product for you and for the children. Send us your thoughts and ideas to hello@imaginerlearning.com